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 VÖTSCH Technik and WEISS Technik are producers of standard testing chambers and systems for environmental simulation worldwide such as temperature and climate testing systems, test systems for weathering, temperature shock, corrosion, walk-in /drive-in chambers and stability test systems. Vötsch Heat Technology (Reiskirchen). Vötsch is supplier for drying ovens, tempering ovens, drying ovens for coating materials, explosion-proof ovens, conveyor belt ovens, sterilisers, clean room heating and drying ovens, accessories and software and other equipment, from standard units to customized solutions for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.
RMS Izdeluje naprave za trajnostna testiranja z vibracijami, lahko tudi v kombinaciji s temperaturno ali klimatsko komoro.Uradna stran:
erichsen Erichsen GmbH & Co is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high quality testing machines and instruments for the coatings industry. The company history in innovative technical development and manufacture can be traced back over three generations and almost 100 years to the Erichsen Cupping Test for sheet metal.
SDLatlas SDL Atlas is the combination of several market leaders in the textile testing industry. Atlas has had a long and close relationship in the American textile industry including being the first corporate member of AATCC. This relationship lead to the development and manufacture of numerous specialized textile testing instruments including the AATCC Launder-Ometer, Crockmeter, Accelerotor, Scorch Tester, and Perspiration Tester.
The result is a company that has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the textile testing industry and standards organizations. This enables SDL Atlas to bring a broad line of high quality products that meet industry and retailer standards.
dongling DONGLING Technologies is the State Engineering Technology research institute for dynamic environmental test, strategically partner of national manned space flight projects, and the innovation practice base for post-doctors. In 2008 DONGLING Technologies finished its new industry park.
Dongling Measurement Test service Center which is invested by Dongling is a third-party public test platform.In the test laboratory, there’re 50 sets testing equipments, including 10N to 500KN Vibration test systems, vertical or horizontal working table up to 20m2, multi-axis and multi DOF test systems, temperature, humidity and vacuum chambers combined with vibration shaker, vertical or horizontal shock machines, high speed centrifuge, shock response spectrum equipments, Drop testers, transportation simulation instruments etc.,